Kim Luginbuhl

National Board-Certified Health Coach

Kim is a National Board-Certified Health Coach, who loves eating well, living actively, and enjoying life. 

She finds her balance in this busy world by making food, fitness, and fun an important part of her life. Her passion is to help people to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support their individual needs by making gradual, lifelong changes to equip them to reach their current and future health goals.

She has experienced the power that healthy choices have on our well-being by managing her own personal health with food and lifestyle since 2013. She was able to conquer her own digestive issues, recover her energy and restore her well-being through integrative nutrition and healing practices.

Once she had experienced that huge change, she knew she wanted to help other people experience that, too.

Kim attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. She focused on and earned a specialized certificate in Gut Health, followed by taking the National Board Certification exam.

She is very passionate about helping others feel good and be able to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. She wants to help you end the struggle and overwhelm of making these changes by giving you the guidance to reach your goals and live a healthy, balanced life.

What I Offer:

Six Month Health Coaching Program

  • Meet Twice a Month for 50-60 minutes for health coaching

FIT Testing (Food Inflammation/Sensitivity Test)

  • Meet Three Times for Food Sensitivity in 50 minute settings

Individualized programs as Needed

Client Results

“Kim has been a remarkable role model for me, she not only coaches but lives by what she teaches. She is incredibly encouraging and was there for me every step of the way. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who really wants to focus on their health by lifestyle changes.”

“Working with Kim has changed my relationship with food…and yes, it’s definitely been a relationship including all the ups and downs that they have.  She has taught me to enjoy food, but also to balance it. Kim has been a coach, support system, and researcher on my behalf.  She helped me get to the bottom of some large issues.  All of that said there is nothing like proof – I lost 25 lbs over 9 months, reduced my pain medicine by half, and have continued to maintain my weight applying all of what I learned.  Better still, my relationship with food is now a happy, healthy, and supportive one that I can live with going forward.  Thank you Kim, for all you do – you are the best investment in me I have made in a very long time!”

“One thing that impressed me most about Coach Kim is the degree to which she delved for information that would help me achieve my goals.  She even gave me a book that was spot-on for what I needed.  Not only that, but following each session, she emailed me a thorough synopsis of what we discussed.  I was always grateful for the amount of time she spent behind the scenes to enhance my experience with Balanced Lifestyle. I have a thick folder of resources that I have used since our sessions ended.  In addition, I know I could call Kim anytime to discuss a point of need.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Kim’s services to those who need an unbiased look at their daily living practices and goals.  For lifestyle coaching, I equate it to a workout for the spirit, a check-up on my physical and emotional self.  Every penny was worth it, as am I.”

Accepting: Cash, Credit Card, HSA only

***Currently not accepting Medicaid/Medicare


To schedule an appointment with Kim call: 860-916-1924