the health spa & wellness center experience

From the time you walk into Nirvana, you will experience a feeling of self connection and grounding from all we have to offer. A connection with the inner-peace you've been searching for. Our Center was created with serenity in mind. A real place to bring your aches, stresses, confusion, and leave them behind as you leave with a new inner perspective.

It is our goal to have you feeling fully refreshed, renewed and centered. We want your mind, body and spirit to thank you for listening and getting the time to yourself for yourself.
Our goal is to have you find the deeper self connection of peace within the mind, to
know what is needed for ones self.

At Nirvana we want every person to come in as clients but leave as family,
all we want is to see the best for one another in this crazy thing we call life.   

Kitchenette area

As you walk into Nirvana, you will find a table with books and holistic magazines.
Grab one, then head over to our kitchenette area and help yourself to fresh spring water,
coffee or tea while you wait for your practitioner or service. You are more then welcome to bring a bagged lunch or a snack and eat it while you wait.

At Nirvana we don't want you to be rushed, we want your time at Nirvana to feel
like your home away from home. When you're are family.

relaxation/meditation/events room

Our Sanctuary is where you will be able to manifest a state of deep peace

that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, in our beautiful space. Nirvana was created
with peace, tranquility and solace in mind to provide the best healing experience for you...
our family.

This large events room, holds events for more people comfortably. If you have a business or product that needs space, we rent out our large and beautiful events room. Please contact
us with your thoughts and ideas.  We are ever expanding our practices and products to fit the needs of our clients. Contact Nirvana Spa and Wellness today with your ideas! 

(860) 698-2906

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