Co-Owner and Manager of
Nirvana Spa and Wellness

Chantal is a certified Holistic Health Counselor, a naturally gifted healer, intuitive (with claircognizant and clairvoyant abilities), psychic medium,and intuitive body scanner (medical intuitive). Additionally, she is a Crystal Bowl
Sound Healer with roots in a longlineage of intuitive ancestry
and healers. With over 35 years of experience, Chantal has
been assisting individuals with their physical and emotional ailments since her early 20s. She discovered her ability to alleviate people’s physical and emotional pains and has dedicated herself to this healing practice.

Numerous clients have expressed that Chantal’s voice
and energy are remarkably soothing and filled with love.
In her role as a Certified Reflexologist, she utilizes
points on the feet and hands that correspond with
various organs in the body. This practice helps confirm
the intuitive information she receives, providing
valuableinsights that she shares with her clients.

“Chantal embodies a loving and altruistic spirit, dedicating her life to aiding in the healing of others. The genuine warmth in her voice and the love she radiates are palpable as she listens to you with sincere attention. Her nurturing presence creates a space where your defenses naturally ease,
fostering an environment for healing to unfold.”​

Chantal takes immense pride in her work, aiming to
showcase the positive impact she can have on others.

Her work has gained recognition across the United States
and Canada, and it has been featured on both radio
and television broadcasts!

Chantal’s interview with Marion Porter, Producer of the “Time for Healing” television show
To Schedule an appointment with Chantal
please contact her directly : 860-698-2906