Co-Owner and Manager of Nirvana Spa and Wellness

Chantal is an Certified Holistic Health Counselor who is a natural born Gifted Healer, Intuitive (Claircognizant & Clairvoyant), Psychic Medium and Intuitive Body Scanner (Medical Intuitive), as well as a Crystal Bowl Sound Healer who comes from a long lineage of Intuitive Ancestry and Healers. She has been helping people with their physical and emotional ailments since her early 20’s (over 30 years ago), when she realized she had the ability to take away people’s physical and emotional pains.

Many of her clients have stated that Chantal’s voice and energy is both soothing and loving. As a Certified Reflexologist, she also uses the points on the feet and hands that correspond with the organs in the body, to confirm the information that she Intuitively receives and gives to her clients.

“Chantal is simply a loving, giving soul who has made assisting in the healing of others her primary focus in life. You can hear it in her voice and feel the love she exudes as she sincerely and attentively listens to you. Her caring presence allows your defenses to relax, so that you can allow healing to take place.”

She takes pride in her work and wants others to feel what she can do for them.​

Chantal’s work has become well known in the U.S. and Canada and has been heard and seen on the radio and on television!

Chantal’s interview with Marion Porter, Producer of the “Time for Healing” television show
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